Helpico Coin

Helpico Coin 

is a blockchain solution (now on BEP-20)
for donations and help

About Helpico Coin

Helpico Coin (BEP-20) is a new stage in the development of the Helpico Network. 
The social mission of the Helpico Coin is to create an international ecosystem facilitating charitable initiatives.
The Helpico Coin (HELP) is a convenient payment tool for charitable and humanitarian aid organizations, as well as for solving other social tasks for the benefit of nature and the society. Using blockchain technology in charity work has significant advantages as compared to the conventional ways of providing humanitarian aid and charitable assistance, namely:
   - it streamlines and facilitates money transfers around the world;
   - it provides for maximum transparency of financial operations.
Helpico is a convenient tool that allows to simplify, speed up and secure charitable activities. Alongside with the launch of the token Helpico Coin, the team starts own charitable activity – helping nature and planet Earth. The acquired contributions will be distributed among the following funds: funds for nature and wildlife preservation, animal assistance, homeless animals protection, and other organizations providing assistance and protection to wildlife. 

Helpico Coin now on BEP-20

Total 549,095,509,738,353 HELP
Token Symbol: HELP
Token Decimal: 18
BEP20 Contract
Contract Address 0xcF1952Af277fd26500CC31bE663916825F3d998c
Redistribution Tax(%): 1%
Charity Fee (%): 1%

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Contract Address 

If you already want to participate in our charity events,
you can make a donation to our Charity wallet  0xB91FA14BdE4fA03af2a39b91e7f46d3A40C072F0


Q3-Q4 2021

Big epic start Helpico Coin in BSC. Airdrop. 
Support old holders and swap our old coin to BEP-20.
New holders. Listing on Pancake Swap. New catalog charity projects

5000 new Holders. 10 new charity project.
Close old Helpico coin. Only BEP-20 in future. New exchanges

Q1-Q2 2022

Q1-Q2 2022

50000 new Holders. Finish 50 charity project.
Start New Social Network. Many Exchanges.


  • How add HELP Coin to the Metamask wallet?
    Copy our contact address. Open Metamask application and click Add token. Enter our address in the search bar and then you will see our token (HELP). Add it to your token list. Bingo. Now you are with us!                                                               
  • Where i can take helpico coin?
    Now only on PancakeSwap. In future we add many CryptoExchanges. If you are a holder of old coins (X11), then you can write a letter to receive token on the new protocol (
  • Why are there two Helpico coins?
    The charity project Helpico has been in existence for three years. We used to mine coins using the x11 protocol, but when we realized the ruinous nature of mining, we decided to switch to the BEP-20 protocol. All old coin holders will be transferred to the new protocol.
  • How i can participate in this project?
    You should write a letter about your idea to Also, you need to attach a photo or video confirming your idea to the letter.

Wallets for old coins (X11)

Attention for holders of old coin (X11) ! We will stop supporting old coins (X11) in 2022. Below you can download the latest versions of wallets. Please contact us to receive NEW tokens on the BSC protocol (BEP-20)

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